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Giraffey specializes in all things plastic. Plastic us durable and light weight. When it is recycled, it is very carbon friendly. His current passion is claiming the bounty on all of the fugitive plastic items that have not collected for recycling.

Lenny The Lion

Lenny is old school. He remembers the days of fundraising with glass bottles. Glass. Easy to clean and non-reactive, it is a safe and effective packaging material. He funds his life collecting glass bounties.


Squirrelly's passion is aluminium. Recycled aluminum requires about 5% of the energy that new aluminum takes. He funds his adventures by collecting the bounties on aluminum cans.

The Bountyboxx NFTs can be found on . Owning these NFTs do not extend any rights to the characters or derivative works with these characters. For every NFT sale, the original creators of these characters will receive a small royalty.

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Collection Details

5000 images

Pragmatically generated

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Border Colors

  • Black: 1 (+ OG NFT)

  • Gold: Up to 99

  • Silver: Up to 900

  • Bronze: default


  • 15 possible

  • All up to 800

  • White: default


  • None: default

  • 17 possible

  • WireLightning: up to 10

  • WireScratch: up to 10


  • 18 possible

  • ~ 50% none

  • Stripes: up to 100 times


  • None: default

  • Angry: up to 1000

  • Bushy: up to 1000

  • Airbrushed: up to 1000


  • Default: original (black)

  • OopsGreen: up to 5

  • OopsYellow: up to 5

  • OopsYellow: up to 5

Collection Details

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Collection Details

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  • Border Color Matters